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I'm a gamer, game developer, Android expert, roboticist, toy maker, musician living in Colorado. Currently I work at Google as a Developer Relations Engineer for Android games, although you may know me from my time as a Developer Advocate for Firebase game developers. I've also built robots and games with Sphero ranging from the original Sphero (back when we were called Orbotix) and ending with Sphero's RVR. I also worked at Venan Entertainment with in house games as well as contract work for EA and Actvision on iOS, Android, and macOS.

Here you'll find some information about my projects, random rambling, and my own tiny home on the web.

My latest posts:

Parenting and Music

Published on 2024-01-22 by Patrick Martin

About a year ago, I realized that we had a problem. My daughter refused to try to read. She'd get incredibly frustrated and rage quit ...

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New Year, New Site

Published on 2024-01-21 by Patrick Martin

New Year, New Site I previously maintained a blogger site (the old ) and a Wordpress site that eventually succummed to my lack of ...

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