Ancient Projects

These are old projects, either from childhood or college. Not representative of my professional work, but fun to have around.

Animation Project

Published on 2009-07-30 by Patrick Martin

This is the aggregation of three animation projects over the course of a semester, since each project built on the previous there is only one ...

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Game Narrative Review - Prey

Published on 2009-07-29 by Patrick Martin

This is a game narrative review I wrote of the game Prey in Eng400. I am posting this paper since it has been accepted for ...

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3D Soft Body Physics Simulation

Published on 2009-07-28 by Patrick Martin

This is my Phy350 final project, a soft body simulation using a simulation of the pressure force. The surface of the object is represented as ...

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Published on 2005-05-31 by Patrick Martin

PJDesktop PJDesktop is a desktop replacement I made using Java for my final AP Computer Science project during High School. I found it does work ...

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Published on 2005-05-30 by Patrick Martin

Another one of my old games, and the first one that I can say I actually programmed using Jamagic (which uses a scripting language nearly ...

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Space Things

Published on 2005-05-29 by Patrick Martin

Another old game of mine written using the Games Factory from Clickteam . I wrote this game sometime after Pinballman and recently unearthed a backup ...

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Pinballman: Beyond the Arcade

Published on 2005-05-28 by Patrick Martin

Pinballman was my first true game. It took me about three months to make the original game, and I have since debugged it and fixed ...

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Published on 1970-01-01 by Patrick Martin

Ayilios This was my freshman year game as well as the first large scale project I had written in C. It never reached full stability, ...

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Barcode Reader

Published on 1970-01-01 by Patrick Martin

Barcode Reader This is a barcode reader written mostly in C# (although some portions have been delegated to c++). Given a picture with a custom ...

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