Parenting and Music

Published on 2024-01-22 by Patrick Martin

About a year ago, I realized that we had a problem. My daughter refused to try to read. She'd get incredibly frustrated and rage quit ...

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Moving to Makesite

Published on 2024-01-21 by Patrick Martin

Why? My first introduction to programming was entering <html> on the now long-defunct site Angelfire. My first job involved maintaining a website, and my first ...

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Kotlin Game Programming

Published on 2017-10-13 by Patrick Martin

Introduction I love to learn new languages as each one is a treasure trove of new ideas and ways of thinking that I can carry ...

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Making Waves at Global Game Jam 2017

Published on 2017-01-24 by Patrick Martin

I could not have been more excited when the Global Game Jam 2017's theme was announced. In college, I was fascinated with simulating soft body ...

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Raspberry Pi "Arcade Machine"

Published on 2015-05-02 by Patrick Martin

Like any normal person who happens across a pair of broken PS3 arcade sticks and a Raspberry PI 2, I decided that it was time ...

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Ollie and your Android Activity Lifecycle

Published on 2015-01-24 by Patrick Martin

Welcome to my second tutorial on connecting your Ollie to your own custom Android application. Last week , I alluded to needing to properly handle ...

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Getting Started with Ollie and Android

Published on 2015-01-16 by Patrick Martin

Welcome internet denizens! I am an engineer on the Ollie project, and an avid supporter of the maker movement. I've decided to allocate some of ...

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